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Waukegan, Illinois 1 comment
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i orderer a kel kec pmr 30 in june of last year.Whet the *** is the matter with this company.

I find the excuses hard to swallow. Is this a real company or what ? My money will now go to something else. Just plain inexcusable.

I have waited like a saint. I have listened to excuse after excuse. I s this a company or what. I really did want this thing but i am now so pissed i hope the company fails cause in my mind it has.

how many more words do you need to say looser.kell tek you are the looser.

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Yeah dont buy Kel Tek

Kel tek sucks!!! dont buy p11

Las Vegas, Nevada 3 comments
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I bought a kel tek p11 on june at 2010, after a few rounds at the range, maybe 500 shots, after emptying the clip, the slide stopped locking back.I thought maybe it was the clip but that didnt work.

I went to qualify for my CCW and it started misfeeding and then every other shot it would double load.

I sent it to Kel Tek the first week of august being told it would be 4 to 6 weeks. On monday, sept 27, will be 8 weeks. I called on week 7 and they told me to call back the next week to get my tracking number. I called but was told they would take a message and sharon would call me back when she got to her desk.

I never received the call and as I said on monday, it will be 8 weeks.

they are rude and the gun sucks.It ate my hand up and hardly worth the going on 8 week wait to get it back

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I feel better now that I saved a nice widdow from buying a keltec.She just lost her husband to cancer and wanted to protect herself.

she was looking a keltec pf9.

I told her about the p11 that I bought and was dissapointed.She decided to buy ruger instead.

Ghent, Kentucky, United States #214438

OK, Mach1.: "click" or "magazine", who cares.Let's get down to what my old Gunny Sgt use to say in the "Corps", "****, Captain, don't **** on the details, just buy gold".

Old Gunny meant to say that you need to do your research before you buy and buy the best every time........which ain't KelTek. Mr.

Anonymous just needs to go out and buy him a Glock 9-19 and ***** the competition.I should have bought "gold" when Gunny told me to buy $35/oz!

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #194470

It probably was mad at you for calling its magazine a "clip".

Kel Tek - Kel-Tek 380

Pocatello, Idaho 1 comment

I bought a kel-tek 380, second generation, and it was a piece of sh*t. Failed to load, failed to fire, failed to eject on almost every clip. What a piece of junk. you can just heft it and it feels like a squirt gun-that's what it is. I sold it (with some guilt that some *** would try to use it to save his life) and bought a 3202 Beretta Tomcat.

The Tomcat is way reliable (no fails to anything) and twice as accurate.


Steve Clover,

Pocatello, Idaho




I bought a P-3AT on 4-15.I have had possession of the pistol less than 3 weeks.

The rest of the time the gun has been at kel tec.We all make mistakes but dragging things out for 4 months does noting for customer satisfaction.

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